Prop Money Guide

Prop Money Guide

We design and produce a variety of prop money options made to look cinematically ultra-realistic in HD or 8k.
All of our products are non-glossy and color correct, perfect for your money scene or shot.
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Full Prints

Full Print, also known as, double sided, are bills that are printed on front, and back, as shown.

Blank Fillers

Blank Filler means that the bills in the stack/band are blank, as shown above on the right. The bill on top and bottom are full print, as shown on the left.


Stacks are bills that are strapped together with a money band.


Bands, also known as a wad, or fold, are bills that are banded together with a rubber band.


Bundles contain stacks that are rubber banded together.


Aged bills have undergone a process to achieve a more realistic look.
The result is that the bills are wavier, rather than perfectly straight. Above is a side by side comparison.


 Money Gun

Make it rain prop money at your event or in your money scene.

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Money Counter

Run any of our prop money through our money counter for the perfect money scene or money shot.

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